Hey, I'm Lisa Westgate.


I empower weirdos, freaks and out-of-the-box thinkers to achieve a life of giving zero f*cks. I want you to become empowered to evolve through your past and embrace the newest, shiniest version of yourself.

My Story


I know a thing or two about being deep in the shit. After outgrowing PTSD, anxiety and depression as a dual rape survivor and retired Ambulance Paramedic, I decided to act. It was time to alchemise these experiences into helping others and I did. Now, with over six years in coaching and personal evolution, I  have helped hundreds of clients transition from deep in shit to giving zero f*cks.


I believe that with the right pieces of the puzzle, anyone can heal their past and evolve to living a life of giving zero f*cks about the opinions of others and live their life from their own truth. 


Testimonials for Lisa's Training

Listen to what some of Lisa's NLP Training students have to say about her.

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Testimonials for Lisa's Coaching

Listen to what some of Lisa's Coaching clients have to say about her.

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Listen to Lisa on Podcasts

Calm Ya Farm

Meshel Laurie, Author, TV and Radio Presenter and Host of the Nitty Gritty Committee Podcast presents a brief Daily Podcast where 'unlikely gurus' share their tips on how to 'Calm Ya Farm'. This brief snapshot has some gold nuggets from Lisa in under 11 minutes.

The Good Girl Confessional

Sandy Lowres is Founder of Women Beyond 40 movement, WB40 Magazine and Podcaster at The Good Girl Confessional. Lisa had the pleasure of speaking to Sandy about matters of mental health, patterns from parents, winning awards and so much more.

Nitty Gritty Committee

You have seen her on Network 10's 'The Project' and heard her on radio stations for years. Now hear her chat with Lisa on the Popular Podcast 'Meshel Laurie's Nitty Gritty Committee'. A deep, raw, sometimes very personal discussion about humans, coronavirus, grief and more.

The Student Paramedic Podcast

Lisa speaks to the team about mental health challenges and her work with Victoria Police recruits about how to maintain their wellbeing in the job..

Radio Toni

Toni Lontis creates a safe space for talking about taboos, sharing secrets and building resilience and trauma recovery in listeners. Lisa spoke with Toni about her career-ending mental health challenges.

Transition for Veterans

Lisa speaks to Travis about exiting emergency services, PTSD recovery, loss of tribe and more.

Some of the magazines, newspapers, podcasts and webinar appearances and awards.

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